816 W. Fullerton,                Chicago, IL.


Chicago's Dog House


about us:


Type your Opened in the summer of '09 as a mix between Gourmet and Fast Food. Our Game Sausages are always changing and have included but not limited to...BBQ Smoked Duck, Fresh Ribeye Steak Sausage, Alligator, Rabbit, Pheasant, Wild Boar, Buffalo, Kangaroo and much much more.

Chicago's Dog House also offers VEGGIE and TURKEY Dogs for no extra cost, anyway you like it...We also fry our Frips in fresh soy bean oil.

If the menu were not enough, check out the corrugated steel walls, counters constructed from 100 year old salvaged barn wood, Lights from the 70's, and table tops made out of vintage bowling lanes.

The Frips (Mix between a French Fry & a Potato Chip) are made fresh with a Spiral Cutter Retrofitted with an Electric Drill. Come check this place out for yourself!! here.